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Happy Yota Coloring Book please follow the link to purchase.

Happy Yota Coloring Book please follow the link to purchase.

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Looking for an Awesome, Creative and Super Cool Coloring Book?


Do your kids like 4runners?

Do you want your kids to get inspired while they color?

Then you will both love our Super Cool designs brought to you by KTT. These are actual drawing of some of our customers Happy 4Runners.

While these drawings are designed for everyone to enjoy, there are lots of opportunities for education and active learning when you sit down together with your kids.


Killer and super fun original illustrations – that will surely keep your child engaged and entertained.

Coloring is a creative activity that provides relaxed, peaceful time away from the TV and iPad, and a favorite pastime option for many children. This Book will surely inspire the kids to color more and be more creative too.

This coloring books also makes a perfect gift for kids that love Trucks, Toyotas, 4runners or any kids who just love coloring.

No more trying to figure out what the kids will do next, you are at the right place for the best answer!