Hero Discounts

We appreciate our heroes, and love to do what we can to say thanks. Our discounts are offered to active duty, retired, and honorably discharged military members, as well as police, fire, and EMS personnel. For details on how to get your discount see below.

Our heroes train and work to be ready for anything that comes their way. This is a core value at Killer Toy Tops and we admire and appreciate those who show up when the call for help is sounded. Unshakingly answering the call no matter what the mission is. Ready for anything because of countless hours of hours of training. They stand ready through the night waiting for a call that may never come, and when it does they run head first into burning buildings, war zones, and storms. They understand that their job could require the ultimate sacrifice yet there they stand... waiting and ready. 

We are constantly working to make products that are ready for any situation just like our heroes. Each product is hand crafted in the USA, by people who appreciate the willingness of our heroes on standby. Which is why we are proud to offer discounts to our heroes. 


To qualify for a discount:

  • Have a customer account (create one here)
  • Provide a valid ID associated with discount 
    • ID's for Veterans need to have a veteran stamp or be accompanied by DD-214
    • All others may provide ID's proving eligibility
    • Retiree's (non military) Retired ID/Badge or pension statement or certificate of retirement
  • Veterans/retirees must be honorably discharged  


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