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My Yota is the happiest in town because it's got the best hat in town. It doesn't have the heavy, stuffy top that all the others have. It's got a light and open top that doesn't make its occupants feel like they're in a cave. Even the others that have new hats don't have ones that are nearly as good looking. Their square backs, drab colors, and awkwardly rolled up sides can't compare to the stylish good looks of my 4Runner's Killer Toy Top.
KTT tops have better looking windows, look better with the sides open, have a better looking back, allow me to use the glass rear window, and offer me more color options. What could make a Yota happier? Doing anything else is akin to Yota abuse.
I feel like I'm doing ads for you every time I notice someone talking about soft tops, but I really love your product. My mother had a thing for convertible European sports cars, so I grew up loving soft tops, and yours is the best 4Runners can get. Plus, is still get a little shot of pride knowing you have mine on your web page.
If you think my Yota is worthy of a sticker, you are more than welcome to send it to 5949 E. Fedora Ave., Fresno, CA 93727.
Thank you,
Aaron Grow

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